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Nov 11, 2012 8:00am EST
. >> welcome to "this week in defense news" president obama will romaine the commander in chief for another four years, but before he's sworn in again in january, he has to work with the republican house, and the democratic senate to avert the threat of sequestration. absent a deficit reduction deal by the end of the year, more than $1 trillion in cuts would be triggered across the government, half would hit the pentagon that's just starting to implement $500 billion in cuts over the coming decade. here to talk about sequestration, new players in congress and the administration is our expert roundtable with rick maze, the editor of the military times up in, macker mackenzie eagin, and gordon adams who served in the clinton white house. guys, welcome back, and thanks for joining us. mackenzie, let's start with you, we have the sam problems, occasion of characters, president obama in the debate was adamant that sequestration wouldn't happen. can he strike a deal this time? and having seriously committed themselves to stymying the agenda, the day after being elected the nice time.
Nov 18, 2012 8:00am EST
for the relationship with america and across asia. but first, since office, the obama administration has made reforming how -- a top priority, and so far, experts say, those efforts have helped save billions of dollars a year. still, in unveiling the budget plans earlier this year can the pentagon said that it would have to save a whopping $60 billion from efficiencies, if it's to afford the key priorities in an era of declining resources what has the pentagon done so far? and how do you ring efficiency from an organize as diverse and far flunk as the defendant department? joining us is david wennergren, the department's assistant deputy chief management officer. sir, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> so your office was created co help drive the efficiencies across the department. and the goal is to save $60 billion overall. how do you do that? is it by making minor changes to just about everything, for example, legacy programs? is it through sweeping major reforms? is it eliminating work? what is the strategic approach you guys are taking to save money? >> it takes a little bit of all those thi
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am EST
of 2008, president obama has appointed the governors. that has opened up a line of communications from ten key governors to -- directly to the secretary of defense. that communication channel is being used and then the air force channel of communication through the chief of the national guard bureau already used a -- will be used also to exchange ideas on the cuts. >> in terms of the freeze in terms of personnel reductions how is that hitting you guys for the time being? >> freeze basically leaves our fy 12 fore structure in place. and so it's added a little bit of stability as we work through hopefully a compromise with the united states air force on a way ahead. you know where we are in the budget cycle right now, that would be for physical year '13 and probably '14 as we go forward. because we're going to be putting '15 together in just the next few months. >> do you have any solution in the offing anytime soon? >> we're getting close and there have been considerable compromises made by the united states air force, i think that you know they're going to recognize that -- beginning to re
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3